Month: June 2010

standards development timeline

Following is a preliminary timeline for the VL standards development process. Task Force and Advisory Group roles are noted.

July 2010 – definition of visual literacy
TF: write definition, following discussion at ALA
AG: review and comment on definition
TF: finalize definition
August – September 2010 –  outline of visual literacy standards
TF: draft outline
AG: review and comment on outline
TF: finalize outline
September-October 2010 – draft of visual literacy standards
TF: write first draft of standards
AG: review and comment on draft
TF: revise draft, prepare working draft for use and testing
October 2010 – February/March 2011 (approximate, may change) – use and test standards
all: use and test standards in home institutions, provide regular feedback to TF
TF: assemble comments and make revisions

The post- Feb/March 2011 timeline will be worked out as we progress and get a better sense of how things will look at that time. Next steps will be seeking broad review and further comments, making further revisions, then starting the approval process. The general timeline for standards development recommended by the Information Literacy Standards Committee is at the bottom of Tip Sheet 4: Developing Subject-Specific Information Literacy Standards.

agenda – Visual Literacy Standards Task Force open meeting at ALA

This is the agenda for the Visual Literacy Standards Task Force open meeting at ALA.

Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Time: 10:30am-12:00pm
Place: Capital Hilton, New York room, Washington, DC                           

Discussion Topic:  Define visual literacy in the context of an interdisciplinary, information-literacy-based environment

Introductions [5 minutes]
Standards development process [3 minutes] 
    – Introduction to topic [3 minutes]
    – Small group discussion [30-40 minutes]
    – Report out [20-30 minutes]

Visual Literacy Standards development supported by ILSC

The ACRL Information Literacy Standards Committee has given their support to the development of visual literacy standards based on ACRL’s Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. The ILSC oversees development of all new IL-based standards, and approves new standards. Jill Gremmels, Davidson College, will be our Information Literacy Consultant.