Visual Literacy Standards Working Groups

The Working Groups for development of the Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education are as follow:

Task Force (ongoing)

Denise Hattwig (Chair), University of Washington
Kaila Bussert, Cornell University
Ann Medaille, University of Nevada, Reno
Joanna Burgess, Reed College (2010-2012)

conduct research, conceptualize the VL standards, write the standards document, support adoption of the standards

Advisory Group (2010-2011)

Stephanie Beene, Lewis and Clark College
Kimberly Bugg, Atlanta University Center
Nicolette Bromberg, University of Washington
Tom Caswell, University of Florida
Patricia Kosco Cossard, University of Maryland
Richard Graham, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Trudy Jacoby, Princeton University
Kathleen Lonbom, Illinois State University
Amelia Nelson, Delaware College of Art and Design
Jason Lee, OCLC
Ellen Petraits, Rhode Island School of Design
Shilpa Rele, University of Miami
Phyllis Robarts, University of Miami
Gilda Santana, University of Miami
Sharon Simes, North Seattle Community College
Loanne Snavely, Pennsylvania State University
Tony White, Indiana University
Alessia Zanin-Yost, Western Carolina University
Sean Connin, NITLE

guide development of the standards, provide interdisciplinary perspective and expertise, gather community input, test use of the standards, and make recommendations

Information Literacy Consultant

Jill Gremmels, Davidson College

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