Standard Four – evaluate

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Standard Four

The visually literate student critically evaluates images and their sources.

Performance indicators:

1.       The visually literate student evaluates the aesthetic and technical characteristics of images.

Learning Outcomes:

    a.       Evaluates how effectively an image achieves a specific purpose
    b.      Evaluates the use of visual signs, symbols, and conventions to convey meaning
    c.       Assesses the appropriateness and impact of the visual message for the intended audience
    d.      Analyzes the impact of image editing or manipulation on the meaning and reliability of the image
    e.      Determines the accuracy of graphical representations of data (e.g., charts, graphs, data models)
    f.        Evaluates images using disciplinary criteria

3.       The visually literate student evaluates textual information accompanying images.

Learning Outcomes:

    a.       Evaluates information that accompanies images for accuracy, reliability, currency, and completeness
    b.      Uses observation of visual content to evaluate textual information
    c.       Verifies image information by consulting multiple sources and conducting research as necessary

4.       The visually literate student makes judgments about the reliability and accuracy of image sources.

Learning Outcomes:

    a.       Assesses reliability and accuracy of image sources based on authority, and point of view or bias
    b.      Makes judgments about image sources based on evaluations of image and information quality
    c.       Critiques how an image source may create a new context for an image and thereby change its meaning

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