Standard Six – create

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Standard Six

The visually literate student designs and creates meaningful images and visual media.

Performance Indicators:

1.       The visually literate student produces images for a range of projects and scholarly uses.

Learning Outcomes:

    a.       Creates images to represent and communicate concepts, narratives, and arguments (e.g., concept maps, presentations, storyboards, posters)
    b.      Constructs accurate and appropriate graphic representations of data and information (e.g., charts, maps, graphs, models)
    c.       Produces images for a defined audience
    d.      Aligns image content with the overall purpose of project

2.       The visually literate student uses design strategies and creativity in image production

Learning Outcomes:

    a.       Plans image style and design in relation to project goals
    b.      Uses aesthetic and design choices deliberately to enhance effective communication and convey meaning
    c.       Uses creativity to incorporate existing image content into new image products

3.       The visually literate student uses a variety of tools and technologies to produce images.

Learning Outcomes:

    a.       Experiments with image-production tools and technologies
    b.      Identifies the best tools and technologies for the image project
    c.       Develops proficiency with a range of tools and technologies for creating images

4.       The visually literate student evaluates personally created image products.

Learning Outcomes:

    a.       Evaluates personally created image products based on project goals
    b.      Evaluates personally created image products based on disciplinary criteria and conventions
    c.       Reflects on role of personally created image products as a meaningful contribution to research, learning, or communication
    d.      Validates personally created image products through discourse with others
    e.      Revises personally created image products based on evaluation

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